William Simpson (top left photo) and George Nicholls (top right photo) were Grandfathers to Andrew Nicholls and Richard Nicholls, two of the founders of William George Rum. William moved from England to Zambia in 1938 and returned to England to serve during World War II. William then returned to Zambia after World War II. George moved from England to Zimbabwe in 1956, after having served in World War II. Both men had a deep love for Africa.


Andrew is one of the founders of William George Rum and oversaw the blending of William George. Andrew started bartending in January 2000 and stopped full time bartending at the end of 2018.

Andrew is the Netherlands Rum Educator for WSET, was the Benelux Representative for Authentic Caribbean Rum, has trained bartenders around the world, received numerous awards for bartending, received numerous awards for bars, won numerous cocktail competitions, is a member of the seminar selection committee for Tales of the Cocktail, is a judge for World’s 50 Best Bars and has presented at numerous major bar shows around the world.

Andrew loves Rum...



William George is a blend of six rums. Four of those six are sourced from Jamaica, while the other two are sourced from Trinidad & Tobago. One of the rums from Trinidad & Tobago is aged 2-5 years in once used, 200 litre ex Bourbon Barrels and then carbon filtered to remove colour. The remaining five rums in the blend are un-aged.

All the rums sourced from Jamaica are pot distilled while the rums from Trinidad & Tobago are distilled using multi column.

The six rums are blended in Amsterdam through E&A Scheer who have been sourcing and blending rums for over 200 years.


Poetry oF Heritage…

A hand written letter expresses unique individual identity and can be passed down from generation to generation.

In the letters from William and George to their respective wives, it becomes clear they lived in a time when ones word was paramount and when sealed with a handshake, became seemingly unbreakable. There was truth, honour and integrity behind their words.

In one letter to his wife Wendy, William apologises for not being able to be with her on her Birthday. The writing below is taken from the William George label and is copied from that very letter. What you see is William’s handwriting as he wished the love of his life; “blissful happiness for decades of time.”


William George tasting notes

Banana, tinned Pineapple, Macadamia Nuts, Almonds, Grassy, Cherry, Citrus, Raisins, Vanilla and Cacao.


Photo credits: Pulitzer’s Bar, Amsterdam

Photo credits: Pulitzer’s Bar, Amsterdam


Jamaican Pot Distilled Rums:
Banana, tinned Pineapple, Macadamia Nuts & Almonds.

Un aged Multi Column Distilled Rums from Trinidad & Tobago:
Grassy, Cherry & Citrus.

Aged & filtered Multi Column Distilled Rums from Trinidad & Tobago:
Raisins, Vanilla & Cacao.


Total Volatiles count for William George is 317,1 gr/hlaa William George is 43% ABV

What this means:

The relatively high volatiles count within William George means there is plenty of flavour intensity for those who wish to enjoy William George neat or with ice.

The 43% ABV was the perfect amount of alcohol to make William George interesting as both a sipping and mixing rum. At 43%, William George balances beautifully with mixers, without overpowering or being overpowered by mixers or other ingredients.

The Duchess - Amsterdam

The Duchess - Amsterdam

Photo credits: @twentysevenbar

Photo credits: @twentysevenbar


Honestly, we didn’t get into this to instruct people on how to drink. We just wanted to give everyone the option to enjoy an awesome white rum.

However, if you’re asking, we genuinely feel William George makes the best Daiquiri in the World, works Great with Tonic, Grapefruit Soda, in and Old Fashioned, in a William George Ricky, Neat, On the Rocks, or any way you please...

However you choose to drink your William George Rum, thank you for drinking it and allowing us to continue this journey we’re on.

Here’s to you and “blissful happiness for decades of time.”